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Agent Onboarding

It can be tricky out there.  Here's what do when you're thinking about moving on from your current brokerage...

We're in the business of helping people move and sometimes it's time for us to move as well. 


Through trial (and some error), this is our process that helps things move as seamlessly as possible. 


Make a new business email address and utilize this address with prospects and clients moving forward.


Download all your documents from Dotloop/Docusign/Dropbox going 4 years back and putting them in a Dropbox account categorized by year


Update email address with your new business address in the multiple listing service, zillow, trulia and


Go through your current business email address: delete everything and forward to your new address emails of importance


Create Database of your HVC (High Value Clients): Names, Addresses, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers


Independent Contractor Agreement:

Did you sign one?  If so, what does it say?


Pack up all marketing material owned by you


If using an office computer, wipe it and stop using it.


If you have current listings in place, when do they expire?  Make a list and let’s review.


What closings are coming up? Know what you have coming in and what to expect from the firm

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