Rich Shuman

Chief Performance Officer

(702) 809-3511


With over two thousand personal transactions and managed deals in the tens of thousands, Rich is a strong leader with a composed style. His transaction diversity is a major asset as well, with clients ranging from cities to retirees; his clients receive superb communication, authenticity, and a willingness to go the extra mile every time. Rich exemplifies real estate expertise.  With more than $600 million in career transactions across a wide variety of product types, he understands what it takes to get the deal done in a competitive environment. 

Rich Shuman not only brings this expertises to Hart & Olive, but his love of improving the lives of those around him through his wildly successful (and nationally renowned) business coaching.  In his role of Chief Performance Officer, Rich will sit down each week with every Hart & Olive agent and help them take their business to the next level WHILE continuing to deliver next-level services to all their clients.

It's yet another way Hart & Olive Real Estate Group is helping to improve the real estate industry.

About Rich...