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Sit back & Relax

It's a crazy time to be shopping for a home.  We understand!

Rest assured our agents are staying up-to-date on the market and learning new ways to make your offer stand out!

Number of Buyers 

Since the beginning of 2021 our agents have helped



Totaling over 



in Volume

*through April 18, 2022

Homebuying process

Of these...


Homes under contract in less than a week.

So our agents know a thing or two about writing competitive offers.

We can help you sell as well.

Number of Listings 

Since the beginning of 2021 our agents have listed a total of 



Totaling over 



in Volume

Ranging in Price from 




*through April 18, 2022

Types of Representation:

These arrangements are further outlined in a document called "Working with Real Estate Agents" which must be reviewed at the first meeting between a real estate agent and a potential client.  We'll ask you to sign this for our records, but don't worry - it is not a contract!  

Seller's or Listing Agent

If you list your home with a real estate agent, that agent's duty is to represent only the owner of the home being purchased. 

All agents are to keep confidential information, well, confidential, and act only in the interests or legal wishes of the owners, even if that means an agreement cannot be found. 

Dual Agent

Things here can get a bit tricky.

"Dual agency" is when the same real estate agent represents both the seller AND the buyer.  It's legal, but all parties must agree. 

Why is it tricky?  In this situation, the agent is to treat both sides fairly.  Since both sides usually want two totally different outcomes - the seller wants the most money while the buyer wants the least - it limits the effectiveness of the agent.

Only certain information can remain confidential in dual agency and clients are deprived of having a fully engaged advocate.

Designated Dual Agency

A normal occurrence is when the two parties work with two agents within the same brokerage.  

As with seller and buyer agency, any confidential information is kept private.  The two agents may share an office or be best friends, rest assured that any details that should not be disclosed, such as sellers motivation or buyer's maximum budget, remain under lock and key.

Buyer's Agent

If you choose to have a real estate agent represent you, their job is to only represent you. 

This means researching the home to keep the buyer as informed as possible, and if the agent is aware of a material issue, the agent must disclose it even if the seller has not.  

Most of the time, this job boils down to getting the most amount of home for the least amount of money regardless of the commission that agent is due to receive. 

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