Michael Cunningham

Broker and Marketing Director


​Michael Cunningham is a real estate broker, marketing guru, full-time student, and father of two. A native of Tennessee, Michael was introduced to the behind-the-scenes aspects of radio and left school to pursue a career in the industry, eventually working his way to his dream job - a producer at a major market radio station.  He later worked as an audio engineer for NASA Television in Washington DC before transitioning to residential real estate where his knack for marketing and visual design 

After the birth of his second daughter, Michael redoubled his efforts to return to school and complete what he started decades ago. After graduating with honors from Central Carolina Community College, he enrolled at  The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the Contemporary European Studies program and will continue his education in UNC's Transatlantic Masters Program and at the University of Bath in the United Kingdom.

A self-avowed sci-fi nerd, Michael is a doting father to Ella and Lilly as well as a devoted husband to Caitlin. A resident of Briar Chapel in Chapel Hill, Michael is an active member of the community and when not helping his neighbors, you can find him reading to his daughters, or simply reading a history book to himself (that's if there isn't a Star Trek or Dr. Who marathon on). 

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