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Charity Volunteers

Giving back.

As real estate agents, we have the honor of helping our clients find a new community. However, there's always more we can do.  Hart & Olive Real Estate Group is proud to announce the creation of Hart & Olive Cares, a non-profit dedicated to helping communities in Chatham Orange, Wake, and Durham Counties who need it.  

Not only do we partner with charitable organizations such as the Chatham Education Foundation, but every client we serve also has a role.

Here's how we help.


Someone buys a home with Hart & Olive Real Estate Group


$100 is donated by their agent in their name to Hart & Olive Cares


Each month, Hart & Olive Cares makes a donation to a local organization on behalf of our clients.



As a client of Hart & Olive Real Estate Group, you are a valued stakeholder in Hart & Olive Cares. Founded in 2022. Hart & Olive Cares began as an idea to recognize each family we serve by giving back to our community in their honor. In 2021, Hart & Olive completed 101 transactions meaning a $100 pledge adds up to thousands of dollars given at the time of closing in celebration of each client who chose our team to help them buy or sell real estate.

Beyond these donations, Hart & Olive is honored to partner with local and national businesses to have a more significant impact on our communities by organizing events, drive, and other fundraisers to help as many people as possible. 

Support Our Cause
Leave a one-time donation

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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