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Bethany Smith

Real Estate Broker


About Bethany...

Originally from rural southern Illinois, Bethany was looking for a bit of warmth after living through one-to-many Chicago winters and moved to Chapel Hill.  Besides our mild North Carolina winters, she also loves the Triangle's perfect mix of urban and rural getaways.  A night out on the town in Raleigh or an afternoon at Jordan Lake?  Bethany wants to do it all!  

Bethany loves nature and will often getaway near a lake, beach, or even a quiet mountain stream.  Besides her love of travel, she's also a certified yoga instructor, certified scuba diver, former flight attendant, and more. She's well prepared to negotiate a contract no matter if you find yourself in the sea, air, or Franklin Street!

Today, Bethany calls Governors Club in Chapel Hill home. When she isn't building relationships with her clients or donating her time to various philanthropic causes, you can find her exploring the great outdoors with her husband and two miniature Golden Doodle - Daisy and Webster.  

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